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Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

It doesn't matter what the size is of your bathroom, it comes down to whether it is functional or not. Small bathrooms need plumbing that flushes as well as drains that don't clog. When a bathroom ages, it begins to deteriorate in many ways.

Smaller bathrooms are a lot easier to renovate than larger ones as they are on a much smaller scale for hardware and supplies. It can also be a whole lot cheaper to modify a smaller bathroom. Fewer materials mean lower costs. But, just because the bathroom is small doesn't necessarily mean that the remodel will be easy in any way.

Here are several steps to take in order to get your small bathroom renovated

  • Define your needs - Define what exactly the function of the bathroom to be. Is it a small powder room or is it a full bathroom? A full bathroom includes major plumbing work such as a tub or shower installation.
  • Plan the remodel out - Planning the remodel out will save you money. Decide what you're going to change and with what. Everything that is stock made is for standard sized bathrooms. You'll need to do some modifications along the way.
  • Decide to go with an expert or DIY - A contractor can cost a lot of money just for the simple labor. But DIY projects will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on labor. It's up to you and the manpower you can gather up.
  • Plumbing & electrical - While the walls are open, your electrical & plumbing can be installed. Have electricians install the wiring while plumbers install your bathtub and toilet. Inspections must be done before closing in the wall.
  • Flooring - Small bathroom areas can really benefit from new flooring since it's priced by the square foot. Do not cover the bathroom in real hardwoods because bathrooms have lots of moisture issues that can warp wood.
  • Cabinetry - Custom cabinetry can be scaled down for a proper fit. Smaller bathrooms are often cramped spaces that offer nowhere to place your personal items let alone get ready for work. Cabinetry will provide you with storage that frees up more room.
  • Basic necessities - You can expect to strip down a smaller bathroom in as little as three days. Prepare to not use the bathroom as long as the renovation is going on so make other plans. Bathrooms dating back to pre 1978 will need to take precautions due to led based paint.

Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

One of the ways in which you can create a bigger space out of a smaller bathroom is to stay away from darker paints. Dark paints, that surround showers, close the area in making it feel much smaller than it already is.

Beautifying the look of a small shower will take some talent especially if you are trying to make it the focal point of the bathroom. One of the ways in which you can do this is by using natural stone such as marble and onyx.

Mirrors are something that can make your small bathroom look bigger. They don't need to be hung everywhere, but one at least is vital in creating the illusion of extra space. Don't exaggerate the space but make it so that it looks bigger than it is.

Lighting is yet another way to make smaller baths look bigger than they appear. Decorative lighting on top of the mirror will certainly do the trick. Lighting creates shadows and illusions as well as bigger spaces. Don't go too big such as a chandelier because it will make your bathroom look even smaller.

Small bathrooms like big bathrooms are hard to keep clean especially since they are one of the most used rooms in a home. Here are some ways, through remodeling, that you can have a small bathroom that is easy to clean:

  • Have a glass block window installed. Glass block windows stand up to all types of moisture conditions as well as water cycles (hot & cold).
  • Replace cramped smaller tub with spacious shower. Shower stalls are open spaces that are simple to clean as small tubs require getting on ones hands and knees and scrubbing hard to reach areas.
  • Get state-of-the-art toilet installed. New plumbing items get less dirty than ones which have been there forever.

Everything will need to be replaced if your bathroom is small. For example, flooring, plumbing, windows and other bathroom fixtures can make it appear larger than it is. Creating such an illusion will get you the big bathroom that you have always wanted.

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