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Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

How long is it going to take my carpet to dry once professionally cleaned?

Although drying is kept to a minimum, it is going to take at least a couple of hours for your carpet to dry. A professional carpet cleaning company controls the humidity as well as the airflow.

Do all carpet cleaning companies use harmful chemicals to clean carpets?

No. A professional carpet cleaning company uses non-toxic products to clean all types of carpets and stains. A neutral flushing agent will leave your carpets residue-free.

Is it possible to remove all types of stains?

Yes. It is possible for all stains to be removed. Some discoloration may occur during the process, but there are professional treatments to restore it.

What's the difference between a spot and a stain?

A stain is considered to be a permanent mark on the carpet. After trying countless methods of trying the rod the stain, only a professional cleaning outfit can remove the hard to clean stain. A spot, on the other hand, is a substance that's soluble. A spot cleaner can be used to rectify that spot.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Your carpets should be cleaned annually to minimize the cleanliness of them. For homes with children and pets, the process should be done every three months.

How long does the whole carpet cleaning process take?

This all depends on the size of the rooms as well as the number of the rooms being cleaned. On average, it takes approximately 300-400 sq. feet per hour or the equivalent of 30 minutes per room.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

All carpet cleaning jobs are different. Every room is not the same size. You might as well just ask what the entire house would cost. Some cleaning companies charge by the room where others charge by the home.

Do carpets get dirtier faster once cleaned?

No. This is strictly a myth. Once a carpet is cleaned, it takes a while for it to get dirty again due to the chemical residue that's left behind on it.

Is there a good time of year to clean my carpets?

There is, and that time of year is spring. Spring cleaning helps to keep the air quality in your home good while getting all of the bacteria out of your carpets left over from winter.

What are the warning signs that a carpet needs cleaned?

Of course, heavy stains are a major indicator that your carpeting needs cleaning, but if you find the air quality in your home to be poor, you're going to need a cleaning. Yes. It's better to have your carpets cleaned annually, but sooner than later if you notice the two issues.

What about pet problems and odors?

Your carpeting can get destroyed very easily by pets. Both dog & cat urine, as well as feces, can make your once clean carpeting dirty and useless. A professional cleaning company can remove the fecal matter as well as grounded in urine smells & stains.

Are there dust mites, germs, and other types of pollen in my carpeting?

Carpeting absorbs everything from crumbs to dust. Anything outside that can be brought in usually makes its way onto the carpeting as well. This stuff combines to make one big mess festering in your carpeting.

Can I rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it by myself?

Yes. You can totally rent a machine and do all of your won leaning, but you're not going to be able to get into the depth of the carpet like a professional can. Also, getting out stains is not going to be as easy as you may think it is.

If I walk on the carpeting before it is dry, will it create bigger problems?

The only thing that's going to happen is your feet are going to get wet. Lots of cleaning companies will give you booties to walk around with.

How do I find the right cleaning company to do my carpets?

You can ask around. By doing so, you're getting the opinions of others who have had their carpeting cleaned before professionally. You can also research contractors directly from the Internet. The Internet is full of sites in regards to carpet cleaning contractors.

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